Our promise

Did you know?
 Your crystals don't have to be bloody.

Nearly all Etsy crystal sellers--as well as most in-person storefronts you'll encounter--sell crystals soaked in blood! 

     First, the rocks are mined in 3rd-world countries, in hazardous conditions. 

Next, they're polished, cut & dyed in sweatshops overseas. 

     Lastly, the goods are shipped to Western buyers, who immediately resell online, under the guise of "healing" crystals. 

The miners and sweatshop workers don't have access to PPE, and many are children. 

So how could these crystals bring you positive energy if people are exploited, injured, or even dying for for them? 

Ethical Consumerism.
For peace of mind & soul.

100% of our goods are sourced or built ethically & sustainably. Even the materials we use are recycled or sourced locally, through small, sustainable business practices. 

We commit to never sourcing from sweatshops, and building our wares ourselves. 

As well, a portion of all proceeds go directly to a registered 501(C)(3) Farm Sanctuary.

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